Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pinterest Perfection: Playroom Art

Spring Break has come and gone, and though the forecast called for rain all week, it actually only rained the very last day. Luckily, in anticipation for a whole week of rain, I had some fun art projects stored away for the kiddos to do.

Primarily, I wanted some art to hang in the playroom. We will be painting/redecorating in there shortly, and I wanted to create a few "inspiration" pieces to use for color scheme, etc.

Thank you Pinterest for this wonderful idea! 

Thursday night, Miss M (5) and I went on a "date night" to - where else? - The Dollar Tree. Give a five year old a five dollar bill and a trip to The Dollar Tree, and she will take five hours to pick out five things. No joke. We didn't have five hours; so we worked together to pick out a few toys for our little project.

A turtle. A butterfly. A dinosaur. A boat. A whale.

We also picked up a few 5x5" wooden squares from Hobby Lobby. My plan was to use canvas, but the wood was a fraction of the cost. Whoop whoop! 

The next morning, I put a plastic table cloth on the kitchen table and set out our previously chosen paint colors.

These babies were on sale at Hobby Lobby for about $.75 each.  

We took turns painting each piece - the blocks and the toys.

Miss C (8)

Miss M (5)

It took several coats, and a pretty big mess. 

One site said spray paint was the fastest way to cover everything, but where's the fun in that? 
When everything dried, we positioned the toys on the blocks and secured with hot glue. 

Then we hung them up above the window in the playroom.

Easy peasy, and fun to boot!


Ana Lisa Hartman said...

What a great way to keep them busy and at such a great pricepoint! Not to mention how great they all look hanging up there. Hooray for Pinterest and creative ideas. Thank you for sharing...

Brandy Thixton said...

Thanks Ana! We had a lot of fun doing it!