Saturday, March 14, 2015

Animal Update

It's been a bit since we last chatted. So allow me to catch you up:

1. We got four more chickens."Easter Eggers." They will have blue/green eggs. I might have a problem.

2. The first set of chicks we purchased are getting huge. They love to roost on the edge of the brood box, tail feathers out. You can imagine how this thrills me. Cleaning chicken poop off my toddler's hands is my favorite.

3. We put chicken wire over the brood box to keep the chickens from roosting on the edge. This works, most of the time.

4. Ducks are disgusting animals who grow like they've been injected with radioactive material. They have no business in a human's home. They will be venturing into the great outdoors promptly.

5. But they're really, super cute, with lots of personality. And the girls love them.

Here's Miss C (8) with her duck, Edmund.

6. It's Spring Break for the kiddos, but not for the PreacherMan. So I'm here at the homestead, by myself, with four kids, nine chicks, two ducks, and two guinea pigs.

Caspian the Guinea Pig and Dot the Duck meet at last

7. My house may or may not smell and sound like a zoo.

8. We have officially named the birds. Ducks: Edmund and Dot. Chicks: Mama, Lucille Ball, Ethel Mae, Agnes, Bitsy, Minnie Pearl, Special, Chipmunk, Jamima.

Dot and Edmund


Lucille Ball

Ethel Mae

"Mama" and Agnes

9. Taking showers with ducklings is fun (and sometimes necessary when the brood box has become too small).

10. Life is messy. The house is messy. The kids are messy. The animals are messy. But we're having fun and riding out this "season" with a little patience and a lot of laughter. Two more weeks, and all the animals are heading outside. Just a little longer....

Miss M (5) with dirty face and wind-blown hair. The best kind of (5) to be.

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